Get unstuck in 2018

Monday 29th January
12.00PM AEDT

  • Feeling stuck in some aspects of your life?
  • Want to create a game plan to make the very most of 2018?
  • Want to clarify your big Why?

Join my upcoming Life Compass Webinar to help you narrow your focus on the biggest goals you’d like to achieve in the year ahead and to create a game plan to get - and stay - in action.

Count Me In!

12.00pm Monday 29th January AEDT (Sydney)
8.00pm Sunday 28th January EST (New York)
5.00pm Sunday 28th January PST (Los Angeles)

If you aren’t okay with 2018 being more of the same, I hope you will put a priority on your own happiness and invest time to create your own individual roadmap toward the future you yearn for most!

  • Uncover your deepest desires and move through your biggest fears.
  • Build rituals that bring your best self to your biggest challenges. 
  • Forge deeper, more authentic relationships and be a person who inspires all who know you.
  • Stop making choices driven by fear of what you DON’T want, and start making them because of your commitment to what you DO want.