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How To Say NO To Your Boss And Still Land That Promotion You Deserve!

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Our fears exist to keep us safe, but they often keep us living too safe. It's why living your best life means living a brave life. 

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Who is Margie Warrell?

Bestselling author. International speaker. Women's advocate. Mother of Four.

Margie has dedicated her life to helping people make braver decisions and lead more purposeful lives.

From growing up as the big sister of seven on a dairy farm in rural Australia, to working in Fortune 500 businesses, Margie has drawn on the challenges she’s faced as well as those she’s taken on to write three best selling books and become a leading authority on courageous action.

A certified master coach, she is passionate about equipping people with the mindset, strategies and skills to find opportunity in adversity and to thrive in relationships, work, leadership and life. 

A Forbes columnist, Margie’s insights come from her interviews and conversations with leaders such as Richard Branson as well as her work with leading organisations around the globe, from NASA to the UN Foundation. She has also been a guest lecturer at Columbia and Georgetown Universities and shared her expertise with leading media outlets from CNN to The Today Show.

Margie is Australia’s first Ambassador for Women in Global Business, is a Women’s Economic Forum honoree and an Ambassador for Beyond Blue. She also enjoys sharing adventures with her husband and four untidy teenagers.

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