Live Brave Webinar Coaching Series

Tired of letting self-doubt keep you from going after what you want?

Ready to make a change but unsure where to begin? 

Afraid you'll look back one day and wish you'd been braver?

Join Margie for three power-packed hours of coaching and inspiration to help set your course toward the biggest life you want to live with a plan to achieving meaningful goals over the course of 2017 and beyond.  

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What You'll Be Getting...

Inspiration, insight, confidence, clarity... but most of all, a road map to step boldly into action to make the changes and going after the goals you've been putting off... for too long and for the wrong reasons!

This program will comprise of three one hour coaching sessions during which Margie will speak for about 30 minutes providing you with tools, strategies and inspiration to step through the fears and internal blocks that have held you back. She'll give you a template to create more of what you want -  in your career, relationships and life... and change what you don't!  

After that, she'll be doing live coaching and answering questions submitted online both prior and during the session. All sessions will be conducted using group video conferencing so anyone from anywhere can join in and if you can't, you'll get a link to to each session the next day.

As part of this program you will also be invited to join the private Facebook page where Margie will be sharing videos, answering questions and supporting your success through the year ahead. 


Set your sights

Clarity = Power. In this first session, Margie will help you reimagine the highest vision for your life and focus in on the #1 goal you want to achieve in the year ahead. You'll gain the clarity of purpose you need to stay in action when motivation wanes (as it will!) and map out exactly what you want to accomplish, WHY it matters and what you need to do to set yourself up for success.

Create your game plan

This session will focus on what you need to do… precisely… to get past whatever obstacles have held you back until now - both internal and external. These include the people you have supporting your success, your physical environment and how you manage your schedule and other competing commitments. This session will help move past 'habit' behaviors to live by design, not default. 

Run Your Best Race... Daily

This session will focus on what it takes to  bring your best self to the big game of life… daily. Margie will help you identify your ‘power virtues’ and how you can foster the ‘courage mindset’ required to make braver decisions and combat your innate desire to 'play it safe.' She will help you identify and embed rituals that fuel resilience and keep you on track for the long haul. 


AUD (incl. GST)

Exclusive coaching program with Margie Warrell

3 Group Coaching Sessions

Access to my Live Brave Community Facebook Page


Are you living too safe?

Fear is wired in to us to protect us from pain and keep us safe from harm. But left unchecked, fear keeps us living too safe, unwilling to take the very risks needed to help us move forward. Are you ready to live bravely?



If you think this could be just the thing you need to move outside your comfort zone (where life's magic happens!) then register your interest and we'll let you know when the next course begins.